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Building continuity into data and communications networks.


At ThinLine, we call this  Information Continuity!

Information Continuity is Voice, Video, and Data Communications that are

Always Available & Always Ready . . .


. . . and networks operating within a baseline framework that is mobile, dynamic and protected!


Work-spaces must be mobile. We need the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, with any device. Of critical importance, all necessary communications and data networks, along with the applications needed for work must remain co-located with our decision-makers, wherever they are. ThinLine achieves mobility through a single lightweight, rugged, easy to deploy case that provides an enterprise-grade compute and data storage network. The modular design allows your network to be tailored to your specific needs. Mobility means that you can rapidly build up, take down, and then relocate your network. Our mobility is achieved by replacing loads of equipment with something the size of an airline carry-on. This rollaway case simplifies not only your logistics and transportation planning, but also it simplifies your operations. You might be mobile, but you decide what capability must always be available, and always ready.


Dynamic mobile networks allows network nodes to quickly connect a decision-maker with information providers, and then just as quickly disappear when that node is no longer necessary. ThinLine advocates doing away with pre-defined and staged continuity sites. Instead, create, deploy, and operate your organizations unique Information Technology infrastructure, supporting critical communications and data networks, with everything that exists in your home network. But instead of only relying on bandwidth-constrained SATCOM links for reach back to your home network, locally establish all the same capabilities from home wherever your operators and decision-makers may be. This is a definition of a dynamic network; Operate your data center from a case the size of airline carry-on luggage and by utilizing hyper-convergence and virtualization, analyze, store, replicate, and disseminate high volumes of data. Your own dynamic mobile, enterprise-grade data center will provide all the necessary compute power necessary, along with all your required applications needed to process all necessary data. Operate from anywhere, anytime, even when disconnected from the internet or your home network. This is capability at the network’s edge, no matter the threat.


You decide what communication links, applications, and data are important while they are mobile, who worries about the threats to the organization and inter-organizational networks? This is where many continuity plans begin to fail, when they tether their decision-makers to protected, hardened facilities. This is not mobility. This is not full capability operations. Previous continuity concepts could not ensure that the data and applications would be protected from High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) or High-Power Microwave (HPM) pulse weapons. The ThinLine solution restores mobility and capability and does so without the tether. ThinLine protects the lightweight, rugged, easy to deploy system with a fiber reinforced laminate case, providing all the components with the ultimate combination of strength and weight but with the absolute highest levels of shielding performance across a broad range of frequencies. Not only can you protect you’re your networks in any location, but you do so at a significantly reduced cost to the extremely expensive underground, hardened facilities. ThinLine’s case eliminates the need for the old concepts and the old facilities. Specifically, those concepts and facilities are no longer necessary for the execution of national continuity missions. Those facilities are no longer necessary to manage command and control nodes vital to our national defense. Tactical units that are under the threat of EMP are now no longer restricted in where they operate. For the first time, the operations of any organization or company responsible for any part of our critical national infrastructure can be protected. Networks can now be fully mobile, highly capable, and protected from the most severe of attacks that are in the threat spectrum.

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The ThinLine Team

With decades of continuity and communications experience.
Don Diggs
Don Diggs
A former Navy pilot who commanded the Navy’s largest squadron through concurrent changes in airframe type, operational commanders, and operating location. Last government job was at the White House where he managed the inter-agency alliances in support of Emergency Action (EA) processes and Continuity of the Presidency (COP). He oversaw military units assigned in support the activities of the President.
James Murphy
James Murphy
Senior Vice President – Sales
Former Presidential Helicopter Pilot and retired Marine officer. Operations planning Subject Matter Expert (SME). Consultant with over thirteen years experience specializing in continuity policy, planning, concept of operations development, mobile network communications, and aviation operations. Over nine years of continuity planning experience at the White House Military Office (WHMO), including five years as a Continuity Operations Program Manager.

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